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BeautyPlus MOD APK is a professional selfie photo application with a series of photo editing features from basic to advanced, especially Beauty feature. You never thought your photo could be so beautiful and sparkling.

BeautyPlus: This app makes your selfie perfect

We are always in pain because we want to have beautiful, sparkling photos to post on social networks. But life is not like a dream. You feel your photo is not satisfied. Maybe because your phone has a camera that is not too modern, maybe you don’t have beautiful background, or sometimes simply because you have not found an application with the right filters. If you have all those problems in your heart, please use BeautyPlus right away.

BeautyPlus is the most powerful photo editing app I’ve ever known

First, the reason I choose BeautyPlus among many photo editors is because I like selfies, and I want to have quality selfies. In this respect, very few apps can compete with BeautyPlus. Up to now, I have not really used up the 30 editing tools available in the app. I’m still trying it out slowly, if I find anything good, I will update.

But back to selfie. In general, I can do the following things with BeautyPlus: remove acne, smoother skin, add glitter to the eyes, whiten teeth, V-line face, make up with filters. And most importantly, to mention the background blurring feature. This is really good for me, because I don’t always have the ideal background for taking a selfie.


You can instantly beautify selfies within one note without having to do too much in-depth editing. Especially the finished product is natural, not the type of style that you often see in overdoing effects photos.

Sisters can increase body height harmoniously and minimize distortion of the surrounding landscape. Even, this application has the function “Slim” can adjust a little detail to slim specific areas such as arms, waist, face, nose lift …

The “Smooth” function has the effect of smoothing the skin, shrinking pores, giving you flawless skin.

And do not forget the magic acne removal function: just one touch can remove any annoying acne. Anyone who wants to conceal skin blemishes can also use this function.

Those who take a selfie but forget to make up can use the “Makeup” feature on BeautyPlus. Just choose and you have many other customizations according to your needs such as: lipstick, eyebrows, eye color, eyeshadow, blush, dyed hair … The beauty of this feature is that the effect is not fake at all. All the details that adorn your photos are very gentle, natural, and pure.

Basic photo editing tools

Include collage, rotate, convert, scale, add borders, adjust shadows, and contrast … I won’t say any more details because almost all photo applications have them. Nothing to say.

Advanced photo editing tools

This group includes unique features that can be considered unique on BeautyPlus, including:

  • Remove fonts: You use when the background in the background is not satisfied, want to replace it with a unique texture or simply someone accidentally appears in your photo. Then just touch this AI feature, delete the simple font while still retain the soft natural outline of the subject.
  • Auto Editting: If you don’t have time or don’t know where to start editing your photos, choose this function. App will automatically generate suggestions and make a photo, based on the “experience” that AI learned from the user community.
  • Blurring the space behind: Instead of removing the background completely, you can also blur the entire space behind to make the image more depth and artistic.

This group of advanced features of course not only stop at making the photo “reasonable” but also make your selfies as “contextual and artistic” as possible. It may take some time to explore this functional cluster, but believe me, it’s totally worth it.

Explore the collection of BeautyPlus

And finally, BeautyPlus has the most complete gallery I’ve ever seen, there’s so much to say in this preset collection:

  • Text: Feel free to add text to your photos, many sizes, fonts, colors, background colors, positions, textures, from classic to modern are available.
  • Sticker: There are many unique and strange stickers. You can freely paste, attach, rotate and rotate to create a beautiful little highlight for your selfie.
  • Doodle Pen: This feature helps to hand-draw or color up photos to take notes in scrapbook style.
  • Filters: The number of filters is currently 200 and is increasing day by day. Just using this filter, you can quickly “transform” your photos without having to think too much.
  • AR sticker: Cute shapes with many familiar characters. Adding them to your photos is also a great way to make your photos funnier.

With BeautyPlus in your device, every selfie is beautiful

Any of you who take selfies often have many times become disillusioned with the front camera of the phone, webcam, or many other photography apps. But try taking selfies on BeautyPlus to try and see, you will realize there is a high-level selfie that you did not know before.

BeautyPlus selfie mode comes with HD camera effect that has a number of pre-applied filters and is processed instantly by AI when face detection is complete. So, your job is just to pick up the camera and take a photo. The app will do the rest.

MOD APK version of BeautyPlus

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download BeautyPlus MOD APK for Android

In short, you don’t have to buy an expensive camera, but still have great photos. If you want your selfie to be beautiful shimmering in a note, download BeautyPlus MOD APK right here!

1. Optimized ""Mosaic"" feature2. Updated Halloween content including filters, AR effects, makeup, templates and more3. Bug fixes and performance improvements. If you have any questions or issues, please refer to the articles on our Help Center (http://support.beautyplus.com) to search for potential answers.
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